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Saturday Mornings at the Farmers' Market

On a quest to find a go-to spot for my fresh vegetables and fruits I discovered quite randomly the NAMDEVCO Farmers' Market at the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries's spacious compound located in Central Trinidad. The minute I stepped into the tented market area an aura of liveliness and tempo greeted me. My senses were met with the myriad of colours, scents and the sounds of chatter between customers and vendors.  I immersed myself to explore and was very pleased to find that the produce was fresh, reasonably priced and had everything I was looking for and then some. To my surprise vegetables and fruits weren't the only offerings available at the market. I found local coffee, cocoa, honey, artisan bread, oils, spices , plants and handcrafted jewelry. Maybe it's my bon vivant nature but these are the details which made the overall experience more engaging and quite frankly, thrilling for me.   Can we please take a moment

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